Meet Justin Kaufman of El Paso

Justin Kaufman
2 min readApr 4, 2023


El Paso native Justin Kaufman is known for his passion for fitness and his success in business. He has a hard work ethic and believes that persistence can lead to great things. He encourages others to reach their goals and show grit and determination.

Justin was instilled with a work ethic at an early age by his parents, who are both professionals. After graduating from high school, he moved to Texas Tech University to pursue criminal justice studies. While he was at school, he also participated in athletics.

Justin was always a passionate athlete, and he started as a gymnast before switching to fitness.

When he was younger, Justin would often run errands for local businesses. After college, he decided to pursue a different path and focus on what he loved. He then decided to combine his passion for fitness and business ownership.

Justin Kaufman first approached the gym industry in El Paso in 2012 and became an investor. Nowadays, he has two thriving facilities for his company, Ratio One.61.

Justin believes that everyone should have the necessary tools and opportunities to reach their fitness goals. His company’s facilities are revolutionary and are equipped with the latest equipment. His goal is to establish new benchmarks in the industry by offering the best possible equipment at affordable prices.

As a gym owner, Justin discovered that there was a need for a better all-in-one drink that could focus on the restoration of training. He then decided to create his own unique blend of protein, water, and carbon dioxide.

The company’s products are designed to help people recover from a workout by providing a 10g protein boost and other nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes. The goal of the products is to provide the best possible hydration and functionality.

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